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The Redstar Fertilizer branded product line includes liquid starters, foliar fertilizers, micronutrients, adjuvants, chemicals and more. All products in the REDSTAR line-up were specifically created to provide area farmers with the right products for their fields and growing conditions.

Why Choose REDSTAR

We’re not just selling another liquid fertilizer; we’re selling a custom-built fertility program. 
REDSTAR was started to develop products that match the growing challenges of today’s farmers and help them become more successful on their farm. REDSTAR products are geared toward helping crops start fast, stay healthy and increase yield; adding value to a farm’s operation and profit to the bottom line.  

Why Put Your Trust in REDSTAR

REDSTAR is a reputable company in the Ag Industry, located in the midwest. REDSTAR prides itself on quality products, fair pricing, the availability of products, logistics and most importantly service. The company objective is not to be the biggest, but to continue to be recognized as the best in performance, product and unmatched service, while continuing to build lasting relationships.  

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We expect our dealers to be knowledgeable in their products, provide timely service and information, and be professional in all of their actions. In return, REDSTAR will provide training, support, and respectable margins to compensate for our dealers.

REDSTAR is looking to have successful
partnerships with the following backgrounds:

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• Established Ag Businesses
• Independent Fertilizer Dealers/Agronomists
• Seed Dealers/Farmer Dealers
• Progressive Farmers/Farm Managers

REDSTAR promises to make YOUR DEALERSIP thrive.

You can expect REDSTAR to provide you with: 
• Customer support, selling power, we are here to help your business grow
• Access to company personnel to support you in sales of REDSTAR products
• Timely product deliveries
• Consistent, high performing products
• Products adapted to your environment
• Literature, web, social media, and other marketing support

REDSTAR Dealer Obligations:

• Be an aggressive individual that has progressive ideas, with integrity and a strong work ethic
• Be willing to learn and attend training sessions conducted by REDSTAR
• Promote and defend all products offered by REDSTAR
• Be willing to meet sales goals and requirements set by REDSTAR
• Professionally represent REDSTAR at all times
• Sign a dealer agreement and complete credit application


Tom Stanton
Head of Redstar Fertilizer
Cell: 1.712.301.2549

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