When you see the red liquid, you will know you are using a properly crafted fertility program that leads to the success of your crop today, tomorrow and in the future. Including REDSTAR products  in your program will ensure your crop has the nutrients needed to reach its full potential. REDSTAR low-salt starters are the best choice for maximizing yield due to various benefits.

Applying REDSTAR low-salt starter during planting provides an immediate supply of NPK to overcome slow growth and stunting caused by cold soils, harsh weather, and poor soil conditions. 


Applying REDSTAR low-salt starter at planting is the most efficient way to fertilize high yield crops. This timing reduces fertilizer tie-up and increases nutrient availability.


REDSTAR Fertilizers stimulate quick advancement through the growth stages, producing drier grain at harvest.


Using a REDSTAR low-salt starter is the most efficient way to fertilize crops. In a university test, applying liquid starter on corn generated more bushels per acre and a higher test weight than a traditional broadcast application.

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Maxxum-STAR is a low-salt starter fertilizer designed specifically for in-furrow application for Corn and Soybeans to improve early season growth and vigor. High yielding corn and soybeans require readily available Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Manganese and Zinc to maximize early growth and development for superior plant health. Maxxum-STAR paired with our MICROSTAR with V-STAR Technology maximizes your crops early season growth and development. Get your corn and soybeans off to it's maxxum start.



K-STAR is an efficient source of soluble potassium and sulfur, designed to be used in-furrow, 2x2, strip-tilled or foliar applied. K-STAR is a seed-safe product when applied at recommended rates by itself or mixed with other starter fertilizers. K-STAR is easy to handle, and provides an excellent source of potassium and sulfur to drive increased yields.


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Improved Optum-STAR is a low-salt, seed safe starter fertilizer featuring a balance of high phosphorus and high potassium nutrient levels to help your crop get off to a strong resilient start. OPTUM-STAR’s high phosphorus and potassium level increases carbohydrates within the plant, which helps stimulate early growth, increased protein production leading to a stronger healthier plant.




ALL-STAR is an all-purpose liquid starter fertilizer with more balanced phosphorus and potassium. All-STAR is ideal for most farm situations and crops with a significant demand for both P&K nutrients for your early crop development.

We utilize V-STAR Technology that helps “Stimulate” Increased Root Growth while helping keep nutrients more plant available. V-STAR Technology allows developing roots to access and release nutrients more efficiently by reducing soil tie up of key nutrients like phosphorus with cations like calcium, magnesium and many others. V-STAR technology allows the plant to utilize all nutrients more efficiently to increase early growth and development.